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New York > Activities > Tour the Chrysler Building

Tour The Chrysler Building

Tour the Chrysler Building
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Discover the world's foremost example of Art Deco building, designed by William Van Allen, in the Chrysler Building. Built in the 1930s as homage to the ever-expanding auto-motive industry that was sweeping across America, the Chrysler building enshrines the New York of old. The ornamental top was deigned with automotive-inspired design. This massive, towering frame is now home to commercial interests. This New York, of the 1940s, saw the great jazz movement in the trendy downtown clubs where whites used to 'slum' it; the New York of old refers to the time when Broadway was soaring; when Sinatra paid homage to the greatest city on earth.

Located on 405 Lexington Avenue, at 42 Street, this amazing building has no official tours. However, the lobby is open to tourists every day. Stand at the base of the Chrysler Building and peer up at the dizzy heights that this massive landmark of New York reaches to. The Chrysler Building presents unparalleled photo opportunities; its grace, elegance and charm are all too familiar on the New York skyline, which wouldn't be the same without it. Indeed, the Chrysler Building, taking its place among the many other giants of the New York skyline, makes you really feel as if you are in New York.

Enjoy a Manhattan helicopter cruise to see the Chrysler Building up close and personal, gain for unprecedented photo opportunities. This is New York's greatest free-entrance attraction. Take the 4, 5, 6 or 7 subways to Grand Central Station and then to Lexington Avenue and 42 Street. While enjoying your tour in and around the Chrysler Building, make your way to the financial district of New York at Wall Street to enjoy the enormity of the World’s financial capital. With thousands of business men and women roaming the streets, and thousands of newspaper and magazine stalls, you really will feel like you are in the heart of all things commercial and financial. Enjoy a pub lunch at in Wall Street.

To complete your day-trip, visit the Bronx Zoo to see the snow leopards, giraffes and the world’s smallest monkey. The Chrysler building is the ultimate opportunity for sightseeing in New York. Make the most of your exceptional New York vacation by visiting this giant of the skies that will be imprinted into your memories and photo album for as long as you can remember.

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